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Providing innovative data solutions for the tyre and wheel industry.

Pro-Fit Data, newly founded, is the child of Duncan Hadley: Director and Share Holder. With over 35 years of personal experience in the wheel and tyre industry, working in avenues such as manufacturing, design and testing of alloy wheels, and data providing; Jobs specific from ground-floor management to business director, from the UK, South Africa and the Far East. Pro-Fit Data is familiar with the industry inside and out, with friends and alliances across the world, including the top international brands.

Pro-Fit's tyre expertise stems from over 23 years of experience of tyre distribution, and 13 years of analysing vehicle classification data; Providing revolutionary fast response vehicle classifications. Pro-Fit's wealthy knowledge of the technical elements of the wheel and tyre industry (in both Europe and the USA) means that no other wheel and tyre data provider can match Pro-Fit Data's expertise: Pro-Fit Data's employees personally handle queries and changes to the United Kingdom's largest, ever evolving database. Pro-Fit's data dances in time with the industries progressing catalogue of cars, striving to have every new major car release within the European car market, collecting the new car data as it's issued into the market.

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